Service #1- Counseling and Group Therapy

We office individual and group therapy for those that are in need of therapy. Once a month we have a group session with our youth and adolescence. The Balance Between Group is a group developed to help individual to work on themselves mental, emotionally and physically. Couch Conversations with a open women forum where the women come together and share their thoughts and feelings about everyday life. 

Service #2– Motivational Speaking/Suicide Prevention Trainer

Positive Peering, Inc is motivated to help individuals and groups to understand the issues that they are often faced with. We go out and speak with large groups on issues such as mental health, teen pregnancy and suicide prevention. We go into the communicate and educate individuals on suicide prevention and how to identify signs of suicide. 

Service #3– Food and Clothing Pantry

Positive Peering offer food and clothing to those families in need. 


Positive Peering is a faith based organization
whose mission is to enrich families by
providing spiritual, educational, physical and
mental health to empower each man, woman
and child to be their best. We at Positive
Peering believe that each man, woman and
child are uniquely designed for greatness,and through our community outreach program we can strengthen each family one by one. A strong family leads to a strong community. “We are all leaders, we lead

Next Steps…

Positive Peering is an non-profit organization and we love to give back to the community by feeding the homeless, having events for the less fortunate, etc. Funds are a must when doing these events. we would greatly appreciate it if you could help by giving an small donation.